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National Campus Fire Safety Month 2013

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Campus fire safety has become an important issue across the nation. Now in its ninth year, governors across the nation are signing proclamations designating September as Campus Fire Safety Month in their states and resolutions have been introduced in both the U.S. Senate U.S. House of Representatives. Schools across the country will be holding events to educate and inform students about what they can do to help ensure they are not the victim of a preventable fire.

Download the letter sent to all U.S. Governors

See the list of states that have issued proclamations

Want to help?

As a constituent, you can add your voice by contacting your governor's office and asking him or her to sign a proclamation.

Click here to find this contact information for your governor's office, the list of proclamations that have been issued and download the letter for National Campus Fire Safety Month 2012 that has suggested language for a proclamation.